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About The Deal

About The Deal


President Bush and Prime Minister Singh announced in July 2005 a plan to change long-standing U.S. and international laws to make an exception for India to gain access to nuclear material and technology. This proposed deal required several agreements and on-going negotiations, which have resulted in additional concessions that further undermine U.S. and international security. Learn more about this deal »

About the Campaign

About the Campaign

The Campaign is a coalition of nuclear arms control, non-proliferation, religious, environmental and consumer protection organizations opposed to the proposed deal because it poses far-reaching and adverse implications for U.S. interests and international security. Learn more about the campaign »

Analyses and Reports

Analyses and Reports

The proposed nuclear deal has adverse implications for U.S. and international security, global nuclear non-proliferation efforts, human life and health, the environment and energy issues. More analysis and reports »

Official Documents

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Text of the Senate Bill to approve the United States-India 123 Agreement for Cooperation on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, and for other purposes

Text of the Senate Bill to approve the United States-India 123 Agreement for Cooperation on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, and for other purposes More »

Letter to Members of Congress on the U.S.-India 123 Agreement

In this letter, the Campaign for Responsibility in Nuclear Trade urges members of Congress to reject the 123 agreement, address the numerous flaws in the proposal, and delay a Congressional vote until the arrangement's far-reaching implications are properly considered. More »

Responses to Questions from the State Department to Rep. Lantos

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman releases answers provided by the State Department to 45 questions from former Chairman Howard Berman re: the U.S.-India 123 agreement. More »

Statement on behalf of Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland at the NSG, Vienna, August 21/22

In this statement, six NSG member states declare their intention to offer amendments to the NSG draft waiver proposed by the United States More »

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News Clippings

N-deal: India finds 'change in language' unacceptable

WASHINGTON: Even as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh [Images] arrived in the United States, the powerful US Senate Foreign Relations Committee under a revised schedule on Tuesday, formally put the US-India civilian nuclear agreement on its agenda and approved it by a margin of 19-2. More »

Senate panel votes for India nuclear deal

WASHINGTON: A U.S. Senate panel voted on Tuesday to approve the U.S.-India civil nuclear cooperation agreement without a controversial proposal that would give Congress more influence over future deals. More »

Nuclear deals in sight as Indian PM heads to US, France

NEW DELHI: India's prime minister embarked Monday on a 10-day visit to the United States and France which is expected to mark the country's return to global nuclear commerce after 30 years in the cold. More »

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